SYSTEM GROUP Consulting is the technical department of the SYSTEM GROUP.
This department is made up of specialized technicians who use dedicated software and who, through the continuous technical challenges posed by the client and construction site problems, develop up-to-date and growing skills.
This precious technical background of knowledge is made available free of charge to our customers, through this portal, as an added service of high value.

SYSTEM GROUP Consulting is available to all Designers, Technicians and Customers who wish to have general, specific information or design support (standards, calculations, sizing, drawings, etc.) for carrying out their work of designing or installing the systems proposed by the companies of the SYSTEM GROUP.

The System Group Consulting staff is at your disposal to provide you with advice on:

System Group Consulting

The System Group's Tech Dept

Headquarter at Cetraltubi SpA

Via Foglia, 11 Lunano 61026 - Italy


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